Orange County man finds python slithering in pantry

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Orange County Fire Rescue crews rescued a five-foot python found slithering in a man’s home Tuesday morning.

Lenny Lichtman called 911 after finding the snake in his pantry, where he said it was, "rolled up like spaghetti."

“My blood pressure must have been up to like 220 over 140,” he said.

When Orange County Fire Rescue firefighters arrived at Lichtman's home on Stamfield Drive, they recognized that the snake was a python and were able to put it in a pillow case.

Lichtman took our his cellphone to record the rescue.

Rescuers believe the snake was someone’s pet that managed to escape.

“They told me you got to keep the windows closed and the garage door closed,” said Lichtman.

He said the incident has left him a little paranoid.

“I’m walking around in my house on eggshells thinking there are more snakes,” he said. “I’ve been pulling up the mattress in my bedroom, looking behind the furniture.”

The snake was brought to Gatorland for the time being because Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officers were not able to pick up the animal Tuesday.

While pythons are not venomous, they’re considered an invasive species and a threat to Florida’s wildlife.

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