Drivers asked to use caution as new exit ramp opens on SR 408 near I-4

Video: Drivers asked to use caution as new exit ramp opens on SR 408 near I-4

ORLANDO, Fla. — A new ramp has opened in downtown Orlando from State Road 408.

Drivers heading east will now be able to exit at Orange Avenue again.

The ramp is just west of the Interstate 4 interchange, which will be an adjustment for drivers.

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One thing that has been consistent about the I-4 Ultimate project is change.

The latest change is a new ramp from SR 408 eastbound to Orange Avenue.

“Specifically, for this ramp, it was about mobility and offering better efficiency for safer and better movement for this whole area,” said Jessica Ottaviano with the Florida Department of Transportation.

Earlier this year, crews closed and demolished the old exit to Orange Avenue.

The new ramp that opened this past weekend is a half-mile sooner than the old one. The new location may trip up drivers at first.

For drivers who used to take I-4 to SR 408, then exit at Orange Avenue, they will not be able to do that because of the new ramp’s location.

During the old ramp’s closure, all tolls were waived at Mills Avenue and a U-turn was added for the detour.

As of Thursday, drivers will have to start paying the toll again, and the U-turn will go back to the old traffic pattern.

Officials are warning drivers not to rely on GPS to know the latest route.

“It’s really important for drivers in this area, if you pay attention to GPS, to follow signage because our GPS may not be updated just yet,” Ottaviano said.