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Family demands justice after tragic loss of Miya Marcano in Orange County

ORLANDO, Fla. — The family of 19-year-old Miya Marcano promised Sunday that their fight for justice will continue.

Marcano disappeared over a week ago after she was last seen at the apartment complex where she lived and worked.

The family and their attorney believe the management there put her in danger.

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They are placing the blame for her death squarely on the complex, saying this could have been prevented with simple measures in place.

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But they said they don’t just want to point the finger. They want the complex to do something about it.

Twenty-four hours after Orange County deputies announced they believed they found Marcano’s body, her family, alongside an attorney, said they feel negligence played a role.

“Death is something that is very difficult, but what makes death more difficult is death that could have been prevented,” said attorney Daryl Washington.

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Washington said the apartment complex, Arden Villas, was negligent in allowing the suspect in the case, Armando Callbero, to work there as a maintenance man.

“We feel had this apartment complex taken the proper steps, this person should not have even been employed at the complex,” Washington said.

When Washington was asked if a lawsuit has been filed against the complex, he said, “The family is looking at every legal remedy available to them.”

Last Tuesday, the complex sent Channel 9 a statement, saying it was adding more security, like a guard at the front gate.

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But when our crew stopped by early Sunday, we didn’t see a guard on duty and drove through the gate without being stopped.

Around the apartment complex, posters were found on balconies that read, “Arden Villas is responsible.”

Marcano’s family members told Channel 9 they have heard about security concerns from people living at the apartment complex.

Marcano’s family members also said they want to start a foundation in her name, to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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