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Herd immunity ‘practically impossible’ in Orange County at this point, health experts say

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — About 66% of Orange County’s eligible population is vaccinated so far, but experts says if about 80% had been reached quickly it could have squashed the virus in our community.

Ideally, Orange County would need at least 168,000 additional people to roll up their sleeves before reaching herd immunity.

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Now we’re dealing with decreased immunity, which makes herd immunity a moving target. And health leaders say it’s practically impossible at this point.

But every extra shot helps.

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“As much as we can increase the amount of immunity that we have in our community, it will help reduce the amount of transmission,” said Dr. Alvina Chu, epidemiologist for the Orange County Health Department.

There are about 120 vaccination sites in Orange County, and the county’s seeing more people line up for the vaccine now than in the last few months.

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