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Local attorney says 2 Orlando police officers should be on state attorney’s Brady List

ORLANDO, Fla. — A local defense attorney is asking that State Attorney Aramis Ayala put two Orlando police officers on her Brady List who aren't.

It comes after Ayala created the list of a handful of officers.

Now the state is reviewing it to see if these officers and others could be added.

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It's the body-worn cameras that attorney Roger Weeden said tell the real story of the search and later arrest of his client Shaud Moody.

Weeden said the officers claimed they could search Moody and his vehicle when he was stopped last year for a traffic offense because the officers smelled cannabis, but the video did not indicate that.

Weeden said the judge sided with Moody that the search was not legal.

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In fact, Moody was arrested for a small bag of cocaine. But because of the officers report and testimony in court, Weeden thinks Officers Shaun Shaouni and Brandon Tabaczynski should be on the Brady List.

There are six Orlando police officers currently on the Brady List of the Orange-Osceola County State Attorney’s Office.

Most of the officers on the list have been terminated or have retired.

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Ayala said this initial list is so that prosecutors know they may need to disclose their questionable history to defense attorneys.

The officers aren't on this list yet but could be.

“This is exactly the way in which the Brady policy was designed to work,” Ayala said. “We rely on feedback and information from those involved in the criminal justice process to ensure that we identify individuals who may not be credible witnesses.”

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