Watch: Large biker group confronts and sprays dirt all over Orange County deputy

ORLANDO, Fla. — Social media is showing a dangerous situation for an Orange County sheriff’s deputy.

A video posted on TikTok shows the deputy being outnumbered by a group of bikers.

One of the bikers then uses his motorcycle tire to spray dirt all over the deputy.

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Channel 9 has reported for months about large groups of bikers traveling along Central Florida roads, running red lights and driving recklessly.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said he’d crack down on these groups nearly two years ago, but they’re still out on the roads.

Sources said the group was riding along South Orange Blossom Trail at around 5 p.m.

911 calls came in from drivers concerned about the number of motorcycles riding together and how they were driving.

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A deputy showed up who was later filmed near a bike on the ground, with him and his vehicle behind it.

A man later drives in the grass and uses his bike to kick dirt all over the deputy standing in the road.

The video also appears to show others trying to grab the bike and the deputy spraying them with a chemical agent to keep them away.

It’s not clear what happened after that. It’s also not clear if anyone will be charged in the incident.

But bike groups like this one are nothing new.

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In March 2019, a pregnant woman and another man were attacked at Holden and Orange Avenue in Edgewood by members of a group riding motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

Police said a fight happened after one biker ran into their car and arrests were made.

Later that month, three people were arrested after the sheriff’s office said they drove into and then dragged an Orange County deputy for 10 feet when he tried to stop them.

It’s not clear if all these groups are connected or not.

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