• Organization fights possible Seminole Co. sales tax increase


    OVIEDO, Fla. - A grass roots organization in Seminole County spent Saturday trying to talk to voters at the Taste of Oviedo event about a proposed one cent sales tax.

    The group said the county is spending more than $50,000 to inform voters about the tax and what the money would be used for.

    "This tax increase is absurd. They don't need it,” said organizer and former county commissioner Grant Maloy.

    Maloy is leading the charge to keep the proposed tax hike from becoming a reality.

    His grass roots organization brought its message to social media and it recently launched a website.

    They also passed out fliers at the Taste of Oviedo event.

    If the proposed plan passes, it would cost shoppers 7 cents for every dollar they spend.

    Maloy said that could easily add up.

    “This would cost the average person about $1,450 and the average family of four, $6,000,” he said.

    County leaders said the millions of dollars generated by the tax would be used to fund infrastructure projects, like repairing roads and bridges.

    It would also be used to renovate or replace aging schools.

    Voters have mixed feelings about the potential tax increase.

    “I’m all about anything that will help public schools,” said resident Marla Poissant. “It will be tough to add that extra cent to all of your purchases but for me if it goes to the schools, it’s worth it.”

    Other voters disagreed.

    “A lot of people are hurting right now and I don’t think it’s the best moment to do so,” another voter said.

    The group members said their campaign is growing and they plan to keep fighting the issue.


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    Organization fights possible Seminole Co. sales tax increase