• Orlando Airport cracks down on Uber, other ride-share programs


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Uber and other ride-sharing companies are growing in popularity as the way to get around Orlando, but drivers at the airport are facing hefty fines if they're caught picking up or dropping off at the airport.

    This week, new signs went up at the airport baggage claim warning people about ride-share companies.

    For now, taxi cabs are the preferred method of transportation for passengers at the Orlando International Airport.

    Drivers for popular ride-share service like Uber are now going to be fined $250 if they're caught picking up or dropping off passengers.

    "People need alternate means of transportation, so sometimes if you don't have family and friends and you don't want to use the cab the Uber is a good way to go," said traveler Nicole Whitfield.

    "I don't think it's fair," said traveler Jermaine Grier. "I think it should be an accessible thing. It should be more than one means of people traveling."

    Airport officials said it's a matter of safety, and they don't think ride share companies do sufficient background checks on their drivers, saying the ride-share arrangement is more like digital hitchhiking.

    Uber users find a driver through a smartphone app. The rides are typically cheaper than a traditional cab service, and payments are made through the app.

    That means anyone with a car can be a new cabbie, which worries airport officials.

    Airport officials said the signs are up and fines go into effect immediately.

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