Orlando man shoots home invader in the hip

An Orlando man said he gave an intruder two warnings to get out of his house Tuesday morning before he shot the intruder in the hip.

Juan Delgado, 65, said he was trained how to fire a gun in the Army, but always hoped he would never have to use one in his home.

Delgado said he saw the suspect standing in an enclosed porch area Tuesday morning.

“I was just scared, you know? I was scared of going to jail because I shot somebody,” he said.

Delgado said his dogs were barking nonstop earlier in the morning, so he threw on his pants with a pistol in the pocket and went to the back of the house.

When he couldn’t find the dogs, he headed for the front door where he saw the man standing in the entryway.

“He says, ‘I’m looking for a landscaping job,’” Delgado said.

Delgado told the ean to leave, but said the intruder didn’t listen.

“He pushed me to the side, and I’m kind of scared now. He ran inside my house,” said Delgado.

Fearing for his life and his property, he said he gave the man one last chance, and yelled at him to get out.

“He started coming at me, running at me, so I pulled out my gun and I shot him in his legs,” said Delgato. “I didn’t want to kill him. I just wanted to stop him. I called the cops.”

Delgato said he held his gun over the suspect until Orlando police arrived.

Florida law protects homeowners who use deadly force to protect their life and property.

The retired Army sergeant said it’s not the first time he’s shot someone, but he hopes it’s the last.

“We were taught not to pull your weapon out unless you’re going to use it,” said Delgato.

Police said the suspect, whom they have not identified, took a bullet to the left hip.

The suspect had surgery and is stable.