Orlando pet adoption service offering free microchipping in advance of Hurricane Dorian

What you need to get your pets ready for the hurricane Dorian

ORLANDO, Fla. — With Hurricane Dorian currently tracked for Florida impact, pet owners may be wondering what they can do to better care and keep track of their pet.

Channel 9 looked into all the supplies and documents that your pet will need for a hurricane preparedness plan.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando said that having ID tags on a pet's collar and ensuring there's enough food and water for it is a good start.

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"Store about a week's worth of food and water for them," said Fraily Rodriguez, of the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

The organization also said owners should want to have their pets' vaccinations up to date and microchips in place.

Rodriguez said it is imperative to plan ahead to make sure that your pet does not get left behind and to look up shelters and hotels that will accept pets.

Dog owner Judith Rodriguez told Channel 9 that she has her essentials in place for her dog, Oliver.

"I already have a bin set up for him with stored food," she said.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando also said that keeping a picture of your pet would be a good idea in case of evacuation.

The organization is offering microchip implantation for free in advance of Hurricane Dorian. You can find all the information here.