• Osceola Clerk of Courts braces for 2nd lawsuit from former clerk Thompson


    Already facing one lawsuit by the former clerk, Channel 9 has learned the Osceola Clerk of Courts is about get hit with another.

    Former clerk Malcom Thompson, who already filed one $55,000 lawsuit, is now planning a second suit.

    Thompson is seeking $55,000 in legal fees for his criminal trial and another $22,000 in fees for his ethics trial, money he spent in the two hearings and said, under Florida Common Law, is owed to him.

    It's cash that would come directly from current clerk Armando Ramirez's bottom line, which he said is already stretched thin.

    Ramirez said the budget is tight and it's his job to defend taxpayer dollars.

    A criminal trial and a subsequent civil trial may have cost Thompson his job, but defending and ultimately clearing his name in both cases could cost the county the hefty price.

    "My predecessor wants to get all the money from the clerk's office," said Ramirez.

    Ramirez said the suit is without merit. In his motion to have the suit dismissed, Ramirez says that in Thompson's filing, all he's asking for is advice, not money.

    Ramirez's advice is to dismiss the case.

    "I don't blame him for making the decision to sue us, but like I said before, I will fight this lawsuit vigorously," said Ramirez. "It will not cause us to become bankrupt, but we need that money."

    Channel 9 attempted to contact Thompson through his attorney, but those calls and emails were not returned.

    Thompson is expected to file his second suit any day now.

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    Osceola Clerk of Courts braces for 2nd lawsuit from former clerk Thompson