• Osceola residents seek answers after hearing loud booms


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 has learned that several loud booms heard in some parts of Osceola County have many residents concerned. The reports of booms being heard have primarily come from residents in St. Cloud.

    Residents said the booming noises have led to many possible theories being discussed.

    "We talked about it possibly being jets coming back and forth from Patrick Air Force Base going at mach speed and slowing down," Traci Isaacs said.

    Many compare the booms to what residents have heard when the space shuttle enters Earth's atmosphere.

    "It sounds like a sonic boom, like when the space shuttle used to land and you'd be caught off guard," another resident, Deb Orlin, said.

    Isaacs and Orlin aren't the only ones hearing the booms. Several people have posted on social media sites after hearing the noises.

    "Anybody hear that boom that happened about one minute ago?" a resident asked on Facebook.

    The reports of hearing the loud booms are centered in St. Cloud, but go as far away as Holopaw, a remote area in south Osceola County.

    A few residents said they think the booms could be from Tannerite, an explosive used in target practice. The Osceola County Sheriff's Office said it's investigating the theories connected to the loud booms.

    "I'm sure there's a logical explanation but we would love to know," Isaacs said.

    Authorities said at least eight people called the Sheriff's Office to report hearing the booms on Monday night. WFTV reached out to Patrick Air Force Base about the booms, but hasn't heard back.

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    Osceola residents seek answers after hearing loud booms