Owner reacts after horses help catch man fleeing from Volusia County deputies

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — The owner of some horses that helped deputies capture a wanted man in Volusia County are talking about what happened on her property.

Infrared video from the sheriff's helicopter shows the horses chase the man out of their pasture Wednesday morning.

The man was driving with a suspended license and violating probation when he ran away, deputies said.

He started walking through a pasture to get away from authorities, but he picked the wrong one to pass through.

In a video released by deputies, you can see Shiloh and two other horses chase the man down and force him to jump a fence.

Thanks, in part to Shiloh, he was arrested.

The horses' owner, Brenda Heartz, said she wasn't aware of what happened until she saw the video.

Heartz said she thought Shiloh and the other horses knew something was wrong. She said they're friendly horses and wouldn't have chased after just anyone.

Heartz said the horses recieved a lot of treats for their hard work.

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