• Owner's dog accidentally euthanized at Halifax Humane Society


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 has learned that poor record-keeping has been blamed for an owner's dog to be euthanized in Volusia County.

     Heidi Klem rescues dogs -- mainly English Pointers -- and adopts them out.

     She held on to a dog named Stick.  

     Last week, she found out Stick escaped from her Samsula home while a family member was watching him.

     “When I got there I counted heads and I noticed he was missing, so I immediately (started) making phone calls," Klem said.

     She called the Halifax Humane Society where Stick had been dropped off and treated for injuries from being hit by a car.

     Klem didn't know that. An employee told her he wasn't there, because the employee never checked the medical infirmary.

     "We contacted Halifax, they did a walk-through, told me my dog was not there. This was at noon Wednesday; they euthanized him at 5:45 that evening," Klem said.

     The humane society said Stick's lost dog report was filed incorrectly, which is why no one knew his owner was looking for him.

    "We're deeply apologetic for our role in this dog not being returned to its family. We feel like we have let our community down," said Tyler Stover of the Halifax Humane Society.

     Klem is asking the shelter to make changes by posting pictures of lost dogs on Facebook and on their own website.

     The dog's owner also said that Stick came in with two collars. Although the collars did not have identification on them, Klem said that should have prompted the humane society to look harder for an owner.

     "They are a humane society. They are supposed to find dogs homes," Klem said.

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