• Palm Bay police open investigation after man finds pins in sons' Halloween candy

    By: Melonie Holt


    PALM BAY, Fla. - Police in Palm Bay were looking into pieces of Halloween candy found to contain pins that were given to two boys trick-or-treating Tuesday.

    Melissa Schaper said her husband was in the process of eating a piece of his boys’ candy when a pin stuck him.

    “My husband got a piece of candy and he was putting it in his mouth and the pin stuck him in the thumb,” Schaper said. “I was just, like, I couldn’t believe it. I’m glad the kids didn’t get ahold of it, but I’m also glad he didn’t bite into it.”

    After finding another adulterated piece of candy, Schaper called police who took one piece as evidence.

    The Palm Bay Police Department assigned the case to its major crimes unit to investigate the case as food tampering and/or aggravated assault.

    “I don’t understand how they could do anything like that,” Schaper said. “You’ve got to be someone who’s really evil to deliberately try to hurt a child. It’s just ridiculous.”

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