Paralyzed pro-wrestling star says Disney trip left him in "dark place"

BAY LAKE, Fla. — A former pro-wrestling star—who suffered a career-ending injuries in a car accident in the 80s—says a visit to Walt Disney World last week put him “back in a dark place.”

Terry Allen, most known by his wrestling name Magnum T.A., has used a modified Segway with a pedestal seat to move around for the past six years.

But when he and his wife surprised his 9-year-old twins with a trip to Disney last week, Disney cast members told him he wouldn’t be able to use the Segway at Magic Kingdom.

"Well it was kind of a shock to be quite honest with you. I felt kind of like somebody poured a bucket of cold water over my head," he said.

Allen performed as a professional wrestler until 1986 car accident left him paralyzed.

Since then, he’s been engaging in physical therapy to fight his way back from being a quadriplegic.

Though still paralyzed on his right side, Allen is able to use the modified Segway to lead a more normal life.

When he arrived at Magic Kingdom’s main gate on his Segway, Disney cast members told him he’d have to take it back to his car, which he said was a slap to the face.

"It's 2017. You can't tell someone how to overcome their physical challenges. It's not accpetable. I won't accept it from anybody because I've been there and come from the ground up to where I am today," Allen said.

Disney said  in a statement the company restricts the use of two-wheeled device for safety reasons.

"For safety reasons, we restrict the use of two-wheeled devices given the unique environment of our theme parks. There are various other options available to our Guests, such as the use of wheelchairs, four-wheeled electric scooters and an electric standing vehicle, which do not pose the same concerns."

Allen says he spent the remainder of his Orlando vacation at Universal and SeaWorld, where he said he had no issues using his modified Segway.

Watch an extended interview with Terry Allen below