• Parramore church hires powerhouse law firm to fight eminent domain


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Leaders of a decades-old Parramore church are fighting against the building of a new soccer stadium that will take over the church's land.

    Faith Deliverance Temple on Church Street hired a powerhouse law firm, which specializes in eminent domain cases, and is making it clear to the city that it isn't afraid to see them in court.

    Attorneys for Brigham Property Rights Law Firm have defended a plantation against a pipeline in Bartow, and had one of the highest payouts from a jury for an eminent domain case.

    Jonathan Williams, the son of the church’s co-founder, has not said much about their fight, but issued a statement saying, “When it became apparent we wouldn’t reach an agreement with the city, we made inquiries about how we might fight off eminent domain. We hired attorney Andrew Brigham and made our decision to defend the churches property rights.”

    The city of Orlando decided to use eminent domain to take over the church after the church turned down a $4 million offer.

    Orlando City Soccer Club owner Phil Rawlins did not seem concerned the church could delay the project.

    “We have lots of time, plenty of time, to get this stadium built,” he said.

    But the new attorney’s aren’t so sure, and seem prepared to go to court to prevent what they called an abuse of power.

    The attorneys said they won’t comment on the issue until they file an answer to the city’s petition.

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