• Three men hospitalized after being attacked by dogs in Holly Hill


    HOLLY HILL, Fla. - Three people are recovering after a dog attack in holly hill.

    The owner told police the dogs escaped from their kennel, then attacked people at three separate locations early Friday morning.

    Anthony Lewis  had deep gouges in his arm and leg. He told Channel 9's Blaine Tolison that the incident, in which two dogs biting him at once, was terrifying.

    Police said the dogs got out of the owner's yard and bit two other men a short distance away.

    "They actually took turns biting me. When I was trying to fight one off, the other one would attack me," said Lewis.

    Lewis described the attack from two dogs, pit bull mixes, as a tag-team mauling.

    They latched onto him in Holly Hill at State and Walker streets as he was riding his bike to work.

    "Those dogs were vicious. They were in it for blood, and once they tasted it, they would not stop," said Lewis.

    The dogs were captured and quarantined at the Halifax Humane Society.

    Police said the dogs also bit Billy Boles, 42, and Frank Andrsano, 69.

    All three victims were bitten before the sun rose and all three had to go to the hospital.

    Police said charges were pending. They said the dogs' owners, Michael and Anthony Berkert, both 21, were interviewed by officers. Investigators said the animals escaped through an improperly secured gate at the rear yard of the Berkert home.

    "They will be facing charges of allowing the animals to run at large and possible charges of culpable negligence," said Holly Hill Police Chief Mark Barker.

    Lewis said he is one of the lucky ones. He suffered puncture wounds and deep cuts.

    Officials said the dogs that bit him will likely be euthanized.

    "I hate to say it that way, but those dogs get what they deserve. They were demon dogs, they were," said Lewis.

    Lewis escaped when a man with a bat ran the dogs off.

    Boles has been released from the hospital.

    There was no word on the condition of the third victim.

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    Three men hospitalized after being attacked by dogs in Holly Hill