• Police: Volusia Co. man tried to drown wife in dog bowl


    ORANGE CITY, Fla. - An Orange City man has been accused of trying to kill his wife because she undercooked his pizza.

    Police said they arrested Richard Watson, 47, Wednesday night after an argument between him and his wife, Debra, turned violent.

    Police said Watson became angry when the couple sat down in front of the TV with pizza. He complained the crust was raw and slammed his plate against the front door, police said.

    Debra Watson said she slammed her plate down and the two began fighting. She told police her husband tackled her and held her face in the dog bowl until she almost lost consciousness.

    She said her husband told her he wanted to kill her, but she was able to knock the bowl of water over.

    She said Richard Watson then continued to choke her, according to the police report.

    When police arrived, they arrested Richard Watson without incident.

    Police said Debra Watson's hair and clothes were wet when they found her. She was not hospitalized.

    Richard Watson admitted to getting into an argument with his wife, but he told police he only grabbed her to stop her from breaking dishes, according to the police reporter.

    Watson faces attempted murder, strangulation and battery charges. He's being held in the Volusia County Jail on $22,000 bond.

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