• Police say woman had 4-year-old blow into breathalyzer so she could start car


    APOPKA, Fla. - The husband of a woman who police said had her 4-year-old son blow into a breathalyzer machine so she could start her car spoke with Channel 9 Tuesday.
    In Apopka police body camera video young boy can be seen reaching for the breathalyzer and then blowing into it.
    The child's father, Doug King, said he is outraged that his wife would use their son to bypass the system meant to keep her from driving her car drunk.

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    "So he told you he was blowing into it for her?" Channel 9's Jeff Levkulich asked King.
    "He did whenever I went to pick him up from day care. He usually gets excited to go home in my truck, but whenever I picked him up from day care he wanted mommy's car because he thought it was a toy," King said.
    His wife, April King, 24, was arrested Sunday, after being accused of leaving her child in a running car as she sat drinking at the bar inside Froggers Grill and Bar in Apopka.  
    A bar manager called police when an employee noticed the boy alone in the car.
    Police said when they arrived April King was at her car and told them she had just pulled up to the bar and had not been inside.
    The body camera video, which Apopka police released to Eyewitness News, doesn't have audio, but it shows April King reaching into the car and fiddling with something. As she moves out of the way to go to the other side of the car the body camera records the child grabbing the breathalyzer and blowing into it.
    Doug King, who was in Oklahoma at the time, said he rushed back to Apopka to get his children. 
    He said his wife has had alcohol problems in the past and said he even installed the breathalyzer on her car himself. He believes she should remain in jail.
    "I think this is the best thing for her. Rehab hasn't worked and she hasn't learned anything from it," he said.
    Police said they have not charged King with drunken driving because they cannot prove that she was driving the car.
    Doug King said his wife should remain in jail on child endangerment charges, and said he is planning to take the children back to Oklahoma with him.

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