Questions remain over Florida unemployment checks: When will they come? How much will they be?

ORLANDO, Fla. — Tens of thousands of more unemployment claims are expected to have been filed last week, but those people are now wondering: When will they see the money?

Channel 9 reporter Shannon Butler looked into the system and said people are expecting to receive money this week, but that the system isn’t showing them how much they will get or when.

Susan Bishkoff said she has $26 in her bank account. Her husband is considered an essential worker but he doesn’t get paid for 10 more days.


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She thought her unemployment check was coming this week, but so far nothing.

“I know I am better off that some people,” Bishkoff said. “I have food in my fridge and we were able to pay the bills we could with my husband’s last check but the anxiety and the not knowing is terrifying.”

The store she works at in Lady Lake was forced to close on March 17, which is the same day that she filed for unemployment.

She said there is another layer here of not knowing when the money is coming.

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On Tuesday, Florida Democrats asked that the governor waive the one week waiting period for unemployment and also called for

an extension of those benefits from 12 to 26 weeks as well as to to up it from $275 a week.

So far, the governor hasn't taken action on those points.

Bishkoff said she voted for DeSantis but over the last two weeks, she is questioning his loyalty to Florida’s working class.

“He is not handling it right,” she said.

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Shannon Butler, WFTV.com

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