• Arrest made after rare snakes, lizards stolen from Casselberry pet store


    CASSELBERRY, Fla. - Police in Casselberry have arrested one suspect and are looking for another after a dozen snakes and lizards were stolen from a pet store on Friday.

    Security cameras at Pet Bazaar recorded the burglars stealing thousands of dollars worth of unique reptiles and electronics.

    Investigators arrested Juan Moreno-Hernandez in connection with the break-in. They're still looking for another suspect, Jerry Avila.

    Owner Shane Hill said the thieves broke in through a window and seemed to know what they were looking for.

    "One of the snakes I had stolen was a black motley boa," Hill said. "Kind of rare. Not something you see a lot."

    Hill's family has owned Pet Bazaar, on State Road 436, for 30 years. Their night-vision surveillance cameras show the burglars with gloves, flashlights and cellphones.

    "They're just tossing all the animals in one big trash can all together," said Hill. "I don't know what's going to become of the animals."

    The thieves left Hill's most expensive snake and focused only on the rare reptiles, including two Kenyan sand boas and a green ghost ball python.

    They also took a 46-inch flat-screen television but left the register after they couldn't get it open, he said.

    "It's like they're shopping," said Hill. "They're taking this, they're taking that.  They're taking their time. They were in here for 15 minutes."

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