Records: Man charged in Delaney Park murder forged documents, attempted to hide wife's money

ORLANDO, Fla. — Court documents are giving some insight into what some believe may have been going on behind the walls of a marriage that ended in murder.

Records show Tronnes was busy with his wife's paperwork before being arrested for murder. Documents filed in her estate two days after her death showed Tronnes transferred $252,000 from her accounts to his legal representation.

Twelve days after her death, records show that Tronnes transferred their home on Copeland Drive from a trust to his name only.

In the following months, Shanti's first husband became the administrator of Shanti's estate since he has custody of their son.

In one filing, Shanti's first husband claimed he believed the marriage and ownership interests was "obtained by fraud or was "only for convenience."

He later asserted that Tronnes was engaged in "extramarital, homosexual affairs."

Evidence from the case showed that Tronnes was at a gay men's bathhouse one day after he married Shanti.

Shanti's ex-husband alleges Tronnes became the beneficiary of two life insurance policies through "fraud and/or forgery" and tried to collect money from one of the policies about a week before he was arrested for murder.

Tronnes is scheduled for another court appearance in about two weeks.

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Jeff Deal

Jeff Deal, WFTV.com

I joined the Eyewitness News team as a reporter in 2006.