Records: Mother of toddler in 'torture case' Googled son's symptoms before his death

ORLANDO, Fla. — The mother of a 2-year-old boy who was dying in front of her told police she never took him to the hospital because she figured giving him some water would help.

Jayce Martin was beaten to death in July 2018. Police called it a case of torture.

Channel 9 has obtained a transcript of detectives' interview with Victoria Toth.

"We were Googling (Jayce's symptoms), all his symptoms," she told police. "It was dehydration, and that's what we thought."

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Police said Toth made Jayce drink water before he went to bed.

He had been sucker-punched hard enough to drive his spine through his intestines, according to the medical examiner.

Detectives said they believe Toth didn't take Jayce to a hospital because she knew she and her abusive boyfriend would go to jail.

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Pursglove's brother told detectives that his brother has an aggressive nature.

"(Johnathan) holds a lot of aggression in, and when somebody ticks him off, he's that type of person that will be mad at the whole world," he said.

But he said his brother had never been violent toward a child.

"His aggression has been towards grown people," he said. %



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He later said his brother had been in a lot of trouble.

"(Jonathan) has been in so much trouble, and I didn't even know about it until he did it," he said. "He's done so much stuff in his life that I didn't even know about."

For months, police pieced together an aggravated manslaughter case, holding Toth and Pursglove responsible for Jayce's slow and painful death.

Pursglove is in jail, and Toth was released on bail.

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