• Records: Victim, suspect in Kissimmee beheading were homeless

    By: Jason Kelly , Johny Fernandez


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Recently released court documents have revealed more details about a man accused of beheading another man in Kissimmee.

    The body of Domingo Sanchez, 63, was discovered on March 14 near an auto shop on East Donegan Avenue.

    Police said it took so long to identify Sanchez because they couldn't contact his family. He and the suspect were homeless.

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    Investigators said a nearby surveillance camera recorded Angel Olmeda-Rivera beating Sanchez with a piece of wood and a vacuum cleaner. They said he also damaged several cars.

    When Olmeda-Rivera was questioned two days later, detectives said he told them that he had mental health problems and couldn't remember the last few days.

    Jail records said an inmate overheard Olmeda-Rivera telling a fellow inmate in a dining hall that he was in jail for cutting off a man's head, and he said he is going to "start killing people, and only God could get him out of jail this time."

    Investigators said they used Sanchez's fingerprints to identify him. He, too, has a criminal record. 

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    Olmeda-Rivera has a criminal record in Florida and in Pennsylvania, records said. He has been charged with first-degree murder.

    Police said the motive for the murder is unknown.

    Olmeda-Rivera's next court hearing is scheduled for Sept. 26.

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