Reports reveal details of alleged Orange County brothel

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Last week, state Rep. Mike Horner, R-Kissimmee, pulled out of his re-election bid after being named in the investigation of Mark Risner and a suspected brothel in Orange County.

The 50 pages of discovery released Monday included a client list, with notes on the suspected johns investigators believe visited the east Orange County home.

Investigators said Risner, a retired sailor, used a flagpole as a landmark for clients.

According to investigators, Risner had a sex room at the house in which he had a hidden camera that he said he used to monitor the girls.

Records show the he recorded all sex acts and even streamed them on the Internet.

Investigators said they photographed prostitutes and johns going in and out of Risner's house.

According to investigators, one of the house's clients was Horner, who they say shows up on the records as "Mike" with the nickname "Congressman."

According to records, the suspected brothel had the same cellphone number on file for Horner that he gave to WFTV reporter Kathi Belich earlier this year, when he was trying to get Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs off the Expressway Authority board.

Belich found Horner's name three times in the new records; twice in 2011 and once in April 10, 2012, along with a Hotmail e-mail address under the name Tim.

Next to his name, in each case, is "200/60."

According to investigators, the prostitutes charged $200 an hour.

WFTV also found entries in the documents for an Orlando lawyer and a Winter Park dentist.

According to the documents, it appears John Altomare, a dentist in Winter Park, would have the prostitutes come to his office, where the prostitutes had to show their identification to get in.

No one was at his office when WFTV stopped by Monday night. WFTV also tried calling the cellphone number Altomare gave to the prostitutes, but he didn't return the call.

The documents show that some of the prostitutes met through the Turtle Bay Bar on East Colonial Drive.

The bar's owner appeared shocked when Belich told of the report.

Two of the women listed as prostitutes are mothers who said they worked to support their children.

One said she had to get drunk before work. Another said she was just 21 years old and homeless when she went to work for Risner.

She said she made $500,000 in one year. But she said Risner wouldn't give her cash, just prepaid Visa cards so they wouldn't get caught.

Another woman told investigators she left the home after she found out Risner was secretly taping the sexual encounters and streaming some of them online.