• Sanford man shocked by officer's Taser awarded $75,000 settlement


    SANFORD, Fla. - The city of Sanford has settled with a man injured when two officers hit him with a Taser.

    Last July, Sam Fuller fell face-first onto the road after the confrontation with the officers.

    The department is going to pay him $75,000, before his lawyer could file a lawsuit.

    The officers involved were cleared in an internal investigation in October after insisting they did nothing wrong to cause his injuries.

    Callphone video showed the moment after Fuller fell on the concrete in the Goldsboro community.

    The officers were put under internal investigation by the new police chief, Cecil Smith.

    WFTV obtained a copy of the settlement released from the city of Sanford. On the first page, it states the officers involved continue to deny liability for Fuller’s injuries.

    “This settlement is very telling of what happened that day, and that Mr. Fuller has done nothing wrong like he’s always maintained,” said civil rights attorney, Shayan Modarres.

    WFTV contacted Smith for comment, but he said in an email he could not confirm the settlement because the department was “not a party to it.”

    “I hope that this case and the outcome of this case will push Chief Smith to bring more transparency to his department,” Modarres said.

    According to Modarres, all but one of the charges against Fuller was dropped.

    He pleaded no contest to carrying a concealed weapon as a convicted felon because he was caught with brass knuckles in his pocket. 

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    Sanford man shocked by officer's Taser awarded $75,000 settlement