• Second customer says valuable ring missing after Kay Jewelers repairs

    By: Monique Valdes


    WINTER GARDEN, Fla. - A couple married more than 50 years sent their ring to a Kay Jewelers in Winter Garden in repairs only to have it disappear, and they may not be the only customers to have that happen. 

    Rachel DiBiasio said she brought her mother’s wedding band to the Kay Jewelers in Winter Garden in July and never got it back. 

    “When she passed away, she was actually wearing it,” DiBiasio said. “And they took it off and gave it to us.”

    For DiBiasio, the ring was a special connection to her mom. She wore it after her mom’s passing, but it was a little too tight. 

    She brought it to the Kay Jewelers, but instead getting a ring back that fit, she said it didn't come back at all.

    “There aren't many pieces of her that we have left, so it's hard, and there was a sense of guilt, like I lost this,” DiBiasio​​​​​​​ said. 

    Skip and Linda Blood sent their rings to the store in July for repairs and never got them back. Store workers blamed the missing jewelry on UPS but wouldn't provide the customers with tracking numbers.

    The same thing happened to DiBiasio​​​​​​​.  

    “UPS immediately responded like that same day and tried to do what they could. But because we didn't have a tracking number, they couldn't do anything,” DiBiasio​​​​​​​ said. 

    Workers later told her that the box arrived, but it was damaged and empty.

    The store has since apologized and replaced the value of the jewelry, but it's tough for DiBiasio​​​​​​​ to replace what she really lost.

    “It was just heartbreaking because it's just like having a piece of her that was gone,” said DiBiasio​​​​​​​. 
    Both customers said they have been very happy with the customer service they received since it happened in getting the replacement value.

    The company has not said if any other customers have been impacted.

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