• Secret Service: Woman recruited Walmart cashier in counterfeit $100 scam


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Secret Service agents said one woman is accused of passing off counterfeit cash at different central Florida Walmart locations and even giving kickbacks to cashiers she recruited.

    Agents said Bianca Hudson worked with others, using fake $100 bills to inexpensive items and then get real cash in return.

    Hudson, detectives said, is even accused of recruiting Walmart cashiers like Neyjha Honor to help pull off the crimes by accepting the money knowing it was counterfeit.

    According to the investigators, the Walmart cashier would meet the other suspects off the property later on and get a cut of the real money.

    Honor wasn't home when Channel 9’s Jeff deal knocked on her door, but her grandmother said she doesn’t think Honor would be involved in the scam.

    Investigators, however, said Honor admitted to accepting about $3,500 worth of bogus bills, and they said Hudson admitted to making the money in her Orlando apartment.

    Inside the apartment, investigators found bottles of hydrogen peroxide, a powerful degreaser and several toothbrushes, all products that could be used to clean the ink off $1 bills.

    Those washed or bleached bills could then be run through a color printer with end result being bogus $100 bills.

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    Secret Service: Woman recruited Walmart cashier in counterfeit $100 scam