• Seminole County commissioners reject plan to build 1K homes on rural land

    By: Jason Kelly , Deanna Allbrittin


    SANFORD, Fla. - Seminole County commissioners on Tuesday evening shot down a plan to build 1,000 homes and townhouses on 700 acres of rural land.

    Almost 100 residents attended the commission meeting, during which more than 70 people voiced their opposition to the project.

    "If we're the only county, and we're one of two to have a rural boundary, to protect a way of life then so be it," said Brian Beute, president of the Committee to Save Rural Seminole County.

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    A man whose family owns the property was the only member of the public to speak in support of the project.

    Developer Chris Dorworth said he hadn't gotten his hopes up leading to Tuesday's vote.

    "There was never a period of my life where I thought we were going to get through this thing with an affirmative vote," he said. "I had to present this information, but never for one moment did I think this was going to be the case."

    Dorworth said he believes the rural boundary violates federal law and is intentionally segregationist, so he plans to take the county to court over the issue.

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