• Inmate who escaped from Osceola County Jail gets 22 years


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An inmate whose escape led to the overhaul of the Osceola County Jail was sentenced Thursday to 22 years for the escape.

    Michael Rigby could hardly believe his ears when his 22 year sentence for breaking out of the Osceola jail was handed down today.

    "You let that lady be possessed by the demon, man," Rigby yelled out in court.

    Only WFTV was there to see his outburst that led him to be carried out of the courtroom.

    "All ya'll devil worshipers, man," Rigby yelled.

    Rigby escaped in April 2010 and was on the loose for two months until he was captured in New Jersey.

    Rigby was in the Osceola County Jail on several charges, including attempted murder, when he managed to escape by tearing apart a toilet in his cell and crawling through the walls.

    On Thursday he said the escape was a cellmate's idea.

    "Were you involved in the planning, or did you just follow him and what he did?" Rigby's defense attorney asked him in court.

    "I just followed him," Rigby said. "I was just a lookout."

    Rigby was the only one who climbed through the pipes.

    "And then when it came down to it, I was the only one that could fit," said Rigby.

    After Rigby was captured and extradited back to Florida, WFTV’s cameras were there as he was being taken to a transport van.

    "Get your souls covered in the blood of the lamb and your names in the book of life," Rigby said.

    "Why are you saying that, Michael?” Rigby was asked.

    "Because it might be a poster in 2012 and be the cracking of the six seals, the son's going to be coming back real soon. Stop the madness," he replied.

    "Are you going to try to escape again?" he was asked.

    "Only time will tell," Rigby answered.

    "Cops up in New Jersey said you gave up like a baby. Is that true?" he was asked.

    "Or a humble man. What you mean, a baby?" Rigby replied, smiling.

    Rigby's escape sparked a major overhaul at the jail, including the firing of several jail guards. Greg Futch, the jail chief at the time, resigned.

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    Inmate who escaped from Osceola County Jail gets 22 years