• Skimmer, camera found on SunTrust ATM in Clermont


    CLERMONT, Fla. - Investigators said they found one of the most elaborate skimming setups they've seen yet at a bank in Clermont, but thanks to alert bank employees, police don't believe there were any victims.

    Police said the SunTrust bank on U.S. Route 27 on the south side of Clermont was the latest branch to be hit by suspects trying to steal ATM numbers.

    "SunTrust has seen a rash of these skimming devices being placed on their machines," said Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway.

    Police said it happened around 9 a.m. Saturday.

    While the bank was closed, a pair of masked men in a white mini-van pulled up and attached a card skimmer to the ATM machine. They used glue to attach at tiny camera above the machine, police said.

    "[It's] kind of unique. The suspects placed a camera there so they could see you putting in your pin as you use your ATM card there," said Broadway.

    A few hours later, SunTrust security personnel were reviewing video from the bank's ATM, as part of a routine check. In the video they saw the men attaching the devices. They called police.

    Detectives said this same crime has happened at other SunTrust branches in surrounding counties, which is why bank security managers are now constantly monitoring their ATM video.

    Clermont police said it is the first time they've seen suspects attach a skimmer and a camera to an ATM.

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    Skimmer, camera found on SunTrust ATM in Clermont