• Girl's face slashed by student on bus for not "moving fast enough"


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - A girl pulled out a knife and slashed another girl's face, arms and chest while they were on a school bus in Orange County, witnesses told WFTV on Wednesday.

    The vicious school bus fight was recorded on a cell phone camera. The video shows two Orange County girls punching and kicking each other, until one pulled a knife and slashed her victim several times.

    Witnesses told WFTV that one girl became angry with another girl for not "moving fast enough" and then slashed her.

    The incident happened on an Evans High School bus late Wednesday afternoon.

    Only WFTV reporter Mary Nguyen was at the scene and her photographer was confronted by the alleged attacker's mother, who pushed the camera away.

    Deputies said they plan to review the school bus video and go from there.

    A student from Evans High School shot the video of two 9th-grade girls fighting on the school bus. The bus was making its last stop on North Lane when the fight broke out.

    The video also shows that other students jumped in and tried to help. They tried to pull the girls apart but the alleged attacker would not let go of the victim's arm.

    A student said the 9th grader who started the fight became upset because the second girl walking too slow as she was getting off the bus.

    "She was like, 'Hurry and walk,' so she grabbed her hair and started hitting her and hitting her," Ann Loman said.

    The victim had cuts on her face, chest and arms. It's unclear what kind of weapon was used, but there are reports that the girl who started the fight either used a knife or a piece of glass. When the victim was finally able to get away, she got off the bus and flagged down a couple of deputies, witnesses said.

    "That cut on her chest is deep," Loman said.

    WFTV tried to talk to the mom of the 9th grader who is accused of cutting the other student, but she did not want to answer any questions.

    "You can close your camera. I have no news to say to anybody," the mother said.

     Deputies have not found any weapons, and no charges have been filed against the girl who allegedly started the fight.

    The Orange County School District said it has policies regarding fights on buses.

    It advises the driver to pull over to a safe location.  The manual also states that the driver should not place themselves between the students that are fighting and they need to notify a supervisor.

     Also, any attempt to separate the kids should be by talking in a quiet, calm voice. The driver is also instructed to call 911.

    The students said the bus driver did not step in.

    The victim, whose name was not released, was taken to the hospital for treatment.

    The name of the girl who allegedly slashed her was not released, either.

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