• South Daytona man killed at Golfview Apartments while doing laundry


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - South Daytona police said a Volusia County man killed in his apartment complex laundry room didn't die without a fight.

    Donald Clark, 67, was shot Sunday and his 2011 Mitsubishi Gallant was taken at the Golfview Apartment Complex.

    "A killer comes in, shoots him in the head execution-style, kills him and probably stole his car afterwards and maybe his money, we don't know," said Chief Ron Wright with South Daytona Police Department.

    Clark was found in a pool of blood. Police said his killer cornered him in the laundry room, but he may have fought back.

    "There were some defensive wounds, so he did try," Wright said.

    Police believe robbery could have been the motive because officers haven't found Clark's car and they didn't find his wallet on his body in a laundry room

    Clark was doing his laundry at the apartments when he was shot. Reports show two neighbors heard the gunfire. One even saw a white car drive away shortly after, but only the neighbor who found Clark called 911.

    "911, where is your emergency?" said the 911 operator.

    "Yeah, I believe I have a dead man in my laundry room at my apartment complex," said the resident.

    Police said Clark's killer has not been found. Clark's family members said he was an innocent man and police said they believe the same. They also believe his slaying was the result of a crime of opportunity.

    Police are looking for Clark's car. Residents reported seeing it shortly after the shooting, but investigators need more tips.

    "Anybody that has any information would be greatly appreciated if they let us know, because we need to get this killer off the street," Wright said.

    Management at the Golfview Apartments issued a letter asking residents to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

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