SpaceX unveils new spacewalk spacesuits featuring built-in camera, heads-up display

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — SpaceX has unveiled a sleek new suit for its first commercial spacewalk.


The SpaceX Extravehicular Activity (EVA) suit will be in action during an upcoming missing called “Polaris Dawn,” set to launch later this year.

They are designed for both pressurized environments and space and have 3D-printed helmets with poly-carbonate visors.

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The helmets will also feature a built-in camera and heads-up display.

Polaris Dawn will launch from Kennedy Space Center and aims to complete the first-ever commercial astronaut spacewalk.

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“While Polaris Dawn will be the first time the SpaceX EVA suit is used in low-Earth orbit, the suit’s ultimate destiny lies much farther from our home planet. Building a base on the Moon and a city on Mars will require the development of a scalable design for the millions of spacesuits required to help make life multiplanetary,” a SpaceX spokesperson said.

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