• St. Cloud police officer says fellow cop ex-boyfriend turned stalker


    ST. CLOUD, Fla. - A St. Cloud police officer said she is scared for her life because a police sergeant in her department, who is also her ex-boyfriend, has been repeatedly harassing her and threatening to commit suicide.

    Eyewitness News at 10's Renee Stoll broke the story earlier this month about an Osceola County love triangle that led to a female Osceola County deputy being arrested for beating up a female St. Cloud police officer.

    The deputy alleged the St. Cloud police officer, Jennifer Hoyos, was having an affair with her husband, John Nettles, who is also a sergeant with St. Cloud police.

    Hoyos, who was dating Nettles, is afraid for her life after she said he's been repeatedly harassing her.

    The St. Cloud Police Department said there's nothing it can do about it.

    Police reports show just how frightened the officer is of the sergeant.

    "My ex-boyfriend is here. I've been text messaged that he's trying to commit suicide. He came here, he keeps knocking at my door, he won't go away," Hoyos said in a 911 call.

    The ex-boyfriend Hoyos is talking about is Nettles.

    This isn't the first time officer Hoyos, also with St. Cloud, has called for help.

    Hoyos told the Orlando Police Department investigators she had "told him to leave her alone and to stop contacting her" when Nettles showed up to her apartment with a marriage proposal.

    When he came to her home a second time, she was so scared she called 911.

    "I'm in my room. I am armed right now. I don't know what he's going to do," Hoyos said.

    According to reports, St. Cloud Police Captain Bret Dunn ordered Nettles to stay away from Hoyos, but just three days later Hoyos told her supervisor he was emailing, texting, and calling her.

    She believed he had tracked her down even though she "has been staying with a friend due to being afraid to go home, and not knowing what Nettles would be capable of doing," according to a report.

    This time her fellow St. Cloud officers arrived, but that report shows Capt. Dunn told them not to contact the Sheriff's Office because he didn't think there was enough for a criminal investigation, even though Hoyos said she was willing to prosecute.

    Captain Dunn also said there isn't even enough here for an internal investigation, writing, "We have looked into each matter and have found no policy violations, accusations, or have received no formal complaints that would warrant a formal internal investigation."

    Eyewitness News has not heard back from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to get their take on Sgt. Nettles' actions.

    Sgt. Nettles is on extended military leave for an injury incurred while he was deployed on duty, but he does have possession of his department-issued handgun.

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