• Defense rests, closing arguments to begin Monday in Michael Bargo case


    MARION COUNTY, Fla. - The state rested its case Friday against the man accused of killing and mutilating a teenager.

    Michael Bargo is the accused mastermind of the plot that led to the death of 15-year-old Seath Jackson.

    Bargo, 21, decided not to take the stand in his own defense.

    After lunch, the defense also rested its case, and closing arguments are set to begin Monday.

    The jury heard from more witnesses Friday who testified that Bargo confessed to the crime.

    On Thursday, a man who was in jail with Bargo described how Bargo seemed to be showing off while describing the killing.

    A handful of other people also said Bargo confessed. One said Bargo told him he shot the boy eight times.

    "He told us he had shot and killed a boy," said witness James Williams Jr.

    Bargo is accused of beating and shooting Jackson to death in 2011 because of a dispute over a girl.

    Investigators said he and four others lured Jackson to a home, killed him, dismembered his body, burned the remains, put them in paint buckets and dumped them in a rock quarry.

    Friday, prosecutors showed a video of crime scene, showing the fire pit and inside the home that was filled with debris and drug paraphernalia.

    "I guess they busted his kneecaps with a board or object," said Williams Jr.

    Williams' sister Kristen is Bargo's ex-girlfriend. She testified earlier this week that Bargo also admitted the crime to her.

    Also, late Friday morning, their stepmother, Danielle Anderson, took the stand and offered emotional testimony, describing how Bargo said he killed Jackson.

    Anderson said Bargo described how he didn't burn the body all the way and used pliers to pull teeth one by one out of the remaining skull.

    "He said he was running in the yard. Mike himself had shot him multiple times. He dragged him back in the house, put him in the bathtub, beat him some more and shot him twice in the face," said Anderson.

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    Defense rests, closing arguments to begin Monday in Michael Bargo case