• State looks at license plate design, distribution


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Karen Roy plans to mail in her registration the next time she needs a new license plate.

    "I'd rather do it at home," said Roy.

    But she said she'll reconsider if it means paying a $1.50  more to get the plate mailed out to her.

    Currently, Osceola and Seminole counties don't  charge customers to renew by mail.

    That could change with what the state is  considering.

    "The state is currently looking at centralizing mail and Internet renewals," said Osceola County Tax Collector Patsy Heffner. "For our customers, this is not the best means for delivering service."

    WFTV's Racquel Asa learned that Osceola County could lose $252,000 a year if the state takes them out of the equation. Seminole County could lose $325,000  dollars a year.

    The state is considering changing the distribution of license plates at the same time it's looking to revamp the look of those plates. Numbers would be placed on the left and letters on the right to avoid confusion for law enforcement officers or cameras used to read plates.

    State officials said revenue for toll roads would increase by nearly $5 million by clearing up confusing plates.

    Roy said she is not against a new plate, she's just not  willing to pay more for convenience.

    "I only live down the street so it really doesn't matter," said Roy.

    The state is hoping to get new plates on the roads by January 2014. But before the new plates are sent out to production, the state will allow the public to vote on four designs.

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    State looks at license plate design, distribution