• Stray AK-47 bullet narrowly misses Flagler County man, deputies say

    By: Mike Springer


    FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. - A Flagler County man was asking for something to be done Friday after a stray bullet fired from an AK-47 punched through his window and hit the wall behind a couch where he had been sitting moments before.

    Russell Stanley said he’s heard random gunfire a lot in the area around his home, but he’s never had a bullet hit his home before.

    “You hear gunshots,” he said. “Not every night and not every week, but you hear them here and there.”

    People often hunt in the wooded area behind his gated retirement community off Old Kings Road, he said.

    Stanley said he had been sitting on the couch where the bullet hit, but had gotten up to make a cup of coffee.

    If he hadn’t gotten up, he was pretty sure the bullet would have hit him.

    “If I had been sitting there, I would have gotten hit in the head or neck,” he said. “For sure.”

    The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident and said that an 18-year-old who was hunting in the woods was the person who fired the bullet that hit Stanley’s home.

    Charges are pending in the case, investigators said.

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    Stray AK-47 bullet narrowly misses Flagler County man, deputies say

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