SunPass shutdown: system down for week's worth of maintenance

Video: SunPass maintenance shuts down system for week

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — SunPass is telling drivers to make sure they have enough money in their accounts.

The SunPass system will be down for maintenance for nearly a week beginning Tuesday at 7 p.m.

The message for SunPass customers today: Prepare now.

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A spokesperson for the state who oversees SunPass said customers can still use the SunPass at tolls, but the transactions won't be posted until the system comes back online.

The call and walk-in centers, as well as the SunPass website and activation kiosks won't be available.

Customers who replenish with cash are being told to make sure they have enough in their accounts before the system goes down.

A spokesperson for SunPass told Channel 9's Michael Lopardi that the system is being upgraded as part of a consolidation project to handle toll collection for other agencies across Florida. The hub will be at a facility at the West Oaks Mall in Ocoee.

Eyewitness News asked why the downtime will last almost a week. A spokesperson said the upgrades involve the phone and computer system, plus the website and that's how long it'll take to get the job done.

Eyewitness news asked what will happen to customers who run otu of funds during the downtime. A spokesperson said customers could get ample warning about low or negative balances after the system comes back online on June 11.