Surveillance video of Universal attack raises questions about security

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Newly released surveillance video is shedding light on the stabbing attack of a vendor worker at Universal Orlando.

Police said the security video shows victim Glenn Ferguson being chased around through park guests by Frederick Torres on New Year’s Day.

It also shows a partial view of the stabbing.

At one point, Ferguson backs away while Torres advances on him and then Ferguson is on the ground, police said.

That’s when police said Ferguson was stabbed with a 3-inch blade from a pair of scissors.

The police report said Ferguson suffered brain leakage and neck artery damage.

Court records show Torres was fired on New Year’s Eve after mouthing off to Ferguson and another manager over being late and making a comment to a guest.

Torres showed up for work the next day anyway, and when a manager called him out about it, Torres said, “I’m going to slit Glenn’s throat,” and “I’m going to kill your number one artist,” a police report said.

The security video shows Ferguson ran away after he was stabbed.

A tourist took photos of Ferguson and Torres with a security guard between them before the stabbing after the chase got the attention of security.

After watching the attack, the tourist took photos of Ferguson after the guard got Torres under control.

Ferguson collapsed and workers bandaged his wounds before the ambulance arrived.

Ferguson survived the attack, but he’ll likely lose the career he had as an artist.

The attack raised questions about security at Universal.