• Trayvon Martin's parents speak out on 'GMA'


    NEW YORK - On Thursday, Trayvon Martin's parents spoke with "Good Morning America's" George Stephanopoulos about George Zimmerman's acquittal in their son's killing.

    Martin's parents have been in seclusion since the verdict was read Saturday in Sanford, and their interview with GMA was their first since the verdict.

    Martin's mother, Sybryina Fulton, said she was shocked over the verdict.

    "My first thought was shock, disgust. I really didn't believe that he was not guilty," said Fulton.

    Fulton and Martin's father, Tracy Martin, responded to juror B37, who spoke out and said their son played a role in his own death.

    "Do you understand how the jury might have reached that decision, and do you accept it?" Stephanopoulos asked.

    "As a parent, the understanding how they reached that verdict; I'll never grasp that concept," said Tracy Martin. "We didn't feel it was fair."

    Fulton said the jury didn't seem to consider that Martin was scared the night he was shot.

    "I think people are forgetting that Trayvon was a teenager. So, he probably thought as a teenager. I really do believe he was afraid because he did call George Zimmerman creepy. So he was afraid," said Fulton. "If somebody is following me in a car, and then following me on
    foot, I don't think I would run home because then the people would know where
     I lived."

    Tracy Martin told Stephanopoulos that he wished the jurors knew his son.

    "I really wish that they knew who Trayvon was and to put it in context with what their decision was," said Tracy Martin.

    Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump said he is asking the Department of Justice to investigate the matter and seek a possible civil suit.

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    Trayvon Martin's parents speak out on 'GMA'