• UCF professor accused of stalking student, police say

    By: James Tutten , Megan Cruz


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Ali Borji, a 39-year-old assistant professor at the University of Central Florida, was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of stalking, UCF officials said.

    A UCF spokesperson said Borji has worked in the Department of Computer Sciences at UCF since January 2016 and submitted his resignation effective Sunday, July 1.

    Officials said the victim went to UCF police Monday to report the case.

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    According to an arrest report, the victim told authorities that she received 800 messages a day from Borji after telling him to stop contacting her.

    "You should be happy that somebody likes you this much to stalk you," Borji said in a text message, police said.

    "You think I am sick, and I may be, but I still love you," he said in another text message, according to investigators.

    “Our detectives acted swiftly in this case, as the UCF Police Department does when anyone feels threatened,” UCF police Chief Carl Metzger said. “We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”

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    Investigators said Borji was a suspect in a similar incident at the University of South Florida in March.

    Police said Borji harassed a professor whom he met on eHarmony, sending messages, including, "We were meant to be together."

    Detectives said the harassment stopped when they threatened to arrest him. Criminal charges weren't filed.

    Anyone with information on this incident can contact the UCF Police Department.

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