• UCF students warned of uptick in crime in communities near campus


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Students at the University of Central Florida are being warned to be on high alert because of a spike in crime in the communities around campus.

    Over the past few weeks, Channel 9 has reported on how agencies from Orange and Seminole counties are stepping up patrols because of a massive number of burglaries.

    One expert believes the uptick in enrollment at the university could be playing a part in the increase in crimes, because more students makes for more targets.

    The crime surge includes home and vehicle burglaries and theft, authorities said.

    Resident Zach Peer isn’t happy and said he's already been victimized.

    "Someone came through the balcony, we were on the first floor, and broke into one of my roommate's rooms," Peer said.

    In eastern portions of Seminole County, deputies have their hands full.

    "We've seen nearly 100 car burglaries in January alone," said Kim Cannaday of the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

    On Wednesday, a UCF student told Orange County deputies he was robbed at gunpoint on his way back to campus.

    UCF sociology expert Jay Corzine said any time there's a high concentration of college students living in one area you can expect the property crime rate go up as the school enrollment does.

    Corzine said students make easy victims because they don't take a lot of precautions and often live in apartments filled with expensive valuables that are easy sell on the streets.

    Police in Oviedo said they have some strong leads tracking down the people behind burglaries there, but no arrests have been made.

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    UCF students warned of uptick in crime in communities near campus