• Trooper uses PIT maneuver to stop suspected drunken hit-and run driver


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A Florida Highway Patrol trooper chased down and spun out a suspected hit-and-run driver early Sunday morning.

    The trooper, Josh Evans, said the driver of the car, an 18-year-old woman, crashed into him moments before and took off.

    Troopers said the woman, Gina Ronquillo, was drunk.

    Dashcam video of the Evans pursuing the hit-and-run driver, and then using his cruiser to make the other driver's car spin out were released to Channel 9.

    In the video, Evan's car taps the rear fender of the driver's speeding vehicle, in a move called a PIT maneuver, causing it to go off the road and into the median.

    "He wanted to get her stopped before she could hurt anybody else," said FHP Sgt. Kim Montes.

    While the University of Central Florida student was sitting in the back seat of Evan's patrol car, she told investigators she didn't do anything wrong.

    "Excuse me, can you explain to me what I did wrong?" she is heard asking Evans.

    "You crashed into a trooper and you ran after you crashed into him. That is what you did wrong," said Evans.

    In the dashcam video, Evans is seen grabbing his leg and walking with a limp.

    According to troopers, Evans was investigating another hit-and-run crash when Ronquillo's car hit his.

    Evans' car was damaged on the driver's side. He was unable to open his door and had to climb through his car window to go after Ronquillo.

    According to troopers, Evans got the PIT maneuver approved by a supervisor.

    Troopers said he had a safe opportunity to get a dangerous driver off the road.

    In the FHP video, Ronquillo's car is seen heading into the median toward oncoming traffic, but stops

    "There is a risk, when we perform a PIT maneuver, but for us, it is a way to stop and end a pursuit so that this driver cannot hurt anybody else," said Montes.

    According to FHP, Ronquillo told troopers she was just drinking orange juice.

    FHP said Ronquillo was charged with fleeing and eluding, hit-and-run and and DUI with injury.

    Evans was taken to the hospital to be check out. He was was released with minor injuries.

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    Trooper uses PIT maneuver to stop suspected drunken hit-and run driver