Volusia County schools cancels prom, upsetting some parents

VIDEO: Volusia County schools cancels prom, upsetting some parents

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — In Volusia County some parents are upset over the school district’s decision not to hold prom and other big events for students.

The district sent out an announcement on Friday stating “Proms, graduation bashes and other large group activities where social distancing is not possible will not be held this year.”

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Schools will have the opportunity to plan alternative options and the district plans for in-person graduation.

However, the district is limiting the number of graduation tickets to two per senior.

Some parents feel with more people being vaccinated and numbers going down that these types of activities should be allowed. They feel this will be another group of seniors missing out on those traditional rites of passage.

Nicole Rich’s son Dalton is wrapping up his senior year at Spruce Creek High School and said that “Memories they don’t have are being taken away from them.”

She also said she has done what she could to make and abnormal school year seem as normal as possible.

“We got them together, a big group of them and just did homecoming pictures, went out to eat and stuff like that to just try to provide something so normalcy to them,” Rich said.

When it comes to graduation, June’s ceremony at the Ocean Center will have the same social distancing protocols from last year and a limit of two tickets per senior.

Rich said that means her husband of 12 years and son’s stepfather cannot go. “He’s been a crucial part of his life and now he doesn’t get to see one of the biggest moments in his life because they’re limiting us to two tickets.”

Channel 9 asked the district if they would re-evaluate if numbers improve and more people are vaccinated but have not heard back.