• Volusia Co. flood zone changes could mean insurance changes


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - New changes to local flood zones in Volusia County could drastically change how much it costs to insure a home.

    Volusia County's flood zones were updated because there's new technology that officials said more accurately predicts how likely certain homes will flood.

    Flood insurance premiums will be changing in Volusia County and officials want homeowners to be prepared. Some residents who weren't in special flood hazard areas before could now be at risk. David Thompson with the Florida Association of Insurance Agents said homeowners need to check with their insurance.

    "They should be able to tell them what the zone was, what the zone is now and tell them should there be any change in their situation. A majority of folks should see no change at all," Thompson said.

    The significant reason for the changes to flood insurance is new, more accurate mapping technology that can narrow the flood line down to inches instead of feet.

    County officials are still determining exactly how many residents will be affected. Rick Godfrey, who lives in South Daytona, will be moving into a flood zone. But he's had flood insurance for almost 20 years because of Hurricane Gordon in 1994.

    "It flooded actually four of the homes in the cul-de-sac and it reached my driveway, but it didn't get into the house. So I talked to my wife and said 'I think we better get some flood insurance,'" Godfrey said.

    Godfrey said he pays about $300 for flood insurance but those costs can vary depending on the location of a home.

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    Volusia Co. flood zone changes could mean insurance changes