• Volusia surfers breaking pier buffer zone ordinance could be banned


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Volusia County surfers, take heed.

    New rules don't allow surfing within a 300-foot buffer zone of any pier in the county.

    For the 50 people who have broken the rules so far, it means a three-month ban from the beach.

    Surfers out in the lineup on Daytona Beach caught the break north of Sunglow fishing pier.

    While the waves were choice, they were off-limits.

    "It really doesn't make any sense because usually the good waves are right here," surfer John Howington said.

    While it seemed the prohibited area was the place to be, there appeared to be no beach patrol in sight.

    Safety crews said what concerns them is surfers getting caught under the pier then having to risk their own safety to save them.

    "You drift right into the pier anyway. It is hard to hold yourself," Howington said.

    Officials said the ban could be for up to six months

    "Yeah it seems a little excessive," Howington said.

    Eyewitness News asked Volusia County Beach Safety to see if they felt the ban was a bit much.

    "It is a county ordinance so it is a county ordinance violation to be in that area," Beach Safety Capt. Mike Berrard said.

    Berrard said he thinks banning surfers is unreasonable.

    "The more they can cooperate, the better off we will all be in the long run," Berrard said.

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    Volusia surfers breaking pier buffer zone ordinance could be banned