Paolo Banchero's aiding and abetting DWI charge dropped after incident with Coach K's grandson

The aiding and abetting DWI charge against former Duke star Paolo Banchero has been dismissed, according to The News & Observer.

Banchero was charged in November after police stopped him and teammate Michael Savarino, who is coach Mike Krzyzewski’s grandson, driving early one morning in Orange County, North Carolina. Savarino reportedly admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the night after police stopped him for running a stop sign, and he then received a “poor” on a field sobriety test.

Savarino was charged with DWI, driving after consuming alcohol under the age of 21 and for rolling through a stop sign. Banchero, whose car Savarino was driving, was in the passenger seat and was initially charged with aiding and abetting the DWI.

Savarino pleaded guilty to the DWI charge on Wednesday, and his other two charges were dropped. Banchero's charge, which had been pending for months, was dropped as a result of Savarino's guilty plea, per the report.

Banchero averaged 17.2 points and 7.8 rebounds for Duke last season. He was selected by the Orlando Magic with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft earlier this year. Savarino has since graduated from Duke and transferred to New York University, where he will finish out his collegiate career this fall.