Ref didn't like Geno Smith interrupting penalty call: 'I'm talking to America here'

Geno Smith wasn't happy with a penalty call on Sunday, but referee Alex Kemp still wanted Smith to mind his manners.

Smith, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, was called for intentional grounding. Smith didn't agree. as Kemp was announcing the penalty, Smith argued his case. He felt his receiver was close enough to the pass to not trigger the penalty flag.

Smith didn't wait for Kemp to announce the penalty and cut off his microphone, so fans in the stadium and watching on TV heard Smith complaining, then heard Kemp tell him that he didn't like Smith interrupting him.

"I'm talking to America here, excuse me," Kemp said with his microphone still on.

Then Kemp finished the penalty announcement.

It's not quite as good as the famous "giving him the business" penalty call many years ago, but it's a pretty good hot mic moment.

It won't Smith or any other player from arguing a penalty call. But maybe next time Geno will remember to wait until the ref's mic is off.

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